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Cross Media Panel, formerly known as Screenwise Trends, is a Google ran Panel which means 100% legit and is 100% passive income. Join if you want up to $3/week just be letting Google track your internet usage.

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What is Cross Media Panel

Cross Media Panel, formerly known as Screenwise Trends Panel, is a Google ran panel set up to allow Google to get more data on how people use the internet.

In exchange for installing their App on your PC, Phone, and Tablet they will pay you weekly. They pay $1-3 per week based on if you have the App installed on each device. You can exchange the $ for Gift Cards starting at $5.

Pros of Cross Media Panel

1.) 100% passive income after you install Cross Media Panel.
2.) Owned by Google, you can have faith they are legit and here to stay.

Cons of Cross Media Panel

1.) Privacy Concerns - Some people worry about allowing Google to track your online activity.
2.) Installing their App may cause a tiny bit more internet usage or could slow down things a tiny bit.

What does Cross Media Panel Track?

They are tracking what times of day you use the internet, what category of sites you visit, and the difference between your activity when browsing sites on a PC vs a mobile device.

If you dont mind letting Google track your activity, what they potentially could be doing anyways, then give it a try. It's a great legitimate passive income source to set and forget! (don't forget to cashout at least once a month)

Earning Potential

By installing Cross Media Panel on your PC, Phone, and Tablet you will make $3/week. That's a free $156/year.

Cross Media Panel App

CrossMediaPanel will pay you $1-3/week if you install their App on your PC, Phone, & a tablet.

Is Cross Media Panel Legit?

See what people are saying below in the Cross Media Panel reviews.

Cross Media Panel Reviews

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5 stars // 2 reviews

Clevers Minds
September 17, 2016 by Naresh D from India
It is very usefull for all the citizens

Free Gift Cards from Google
June 28, 2016 by Doug from United States
I've earned $50+ from Google / Cross Media Panel this year so far.

This is just easy, passive money. You just install their Apps and forget them. Then every once in awhile login to their website and cash out for some free gift cards which are sent to you instantly.

If you do not mind Google tracking your internet usage times/data (which they probably could do anyways), then sign up, install their Apps, and rack up free money while it lasts.

Just cashed out for a $25 Gift Card!

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