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Why you should join IMVU

IMVU is a 3D Chat & Dress-Up Virtual World. If you are graphically inclined you can join their Creators Program and be paid to create content such as stickers, clothing, furniture, rooms and more.

Rewards Offered
Cash via Paypal

Ways to Earn
Content Creation

Redemption Info
$0.40 per 1,000 IMVU Credits in Sales
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IMVU Basics

IMVU is a 3D Chat and Dress-Up virtual world where you can control an avatar, dress them up, and interact with others.

After you join and become familiar with how the game works, you can become an IMVU Creator to earn money through content creation.

Creating Content

IMVU allows you to create clothing, rooms, furniture, flash scripted games, stickers, and more. You then sell them to other users for IMVU Credits. For every 1,000 IMVU Credits you earn, you can receive $0.40 via Paypal. The minimum to withdraw is $50.

Can You Make a Living Off IMVU?

They have a monthly max of $10,000 that they pay their content creators. So it is possible but there is a limit. It is also a very steep learning curve. This is really for people who are skilled in 3D programs like MAX and Photoshop.

The First Step

Dont get ahead of yourself though. If you are interested in working in IMVUs Content Creation program you do need to join IMVU and become familiar with how everything works as a user.

Is IMVU Legit?

See what people are saying below in the IMVU reviews.

IMVU Reviews

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