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InboxDollars Reviews

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3.5 stars // 2 reviews

Not bad
June 23, 2016 by Chris from Canada
On this website you can do surveys, play games, and surf the web. It does take a while to get points but you also do get a easy $5 just to sign up. I really like this website because you can do your normal daily things and get paid for it.

It works pretty well.
June 23, 2016 by Micah Focht from United States
I worked for inbox dollars for several months. What I learned is it takes a lot of work to earn money here. The surveys are probably your best bet if you have the time, but remember to click the paid emails, as they help to keep your account active. On that note, if you go inactive for a while, inbox dollars has been known to close your account. This didn't happen to me, as I stuck with it, but watch out for it. The hardest part of inbox dollars for was the $30 payout minimum. I hit a mental wall at around $20 where I knew that I had a lot of money saved up, and was more than half way there, but I also didn't want to do anything else, as the surveys seemed to be scheming against me to always disqualify me. If you can make it over the mental block, as I did, then you can make it on inbox dollars.

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