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Why you should join Mercari

Mercari lets you sell items through their app at fixed prices, no fees. You can also earn store credit by referring users.

Rewards Offered
Cash via Bank Deposit
Store Credit

Ways to Earn
Sell Clothes
Sell Items
Refer Friends

Redemption Info
No minimum to withdraw sales to bank. No fees.
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What is Mercari?

Mercari is an App where you can buy/sell like eBay. It started in Japan and made its way to the US. While they are still growing they are not charging any fees. You can list any item through their App. Set a price, and wait for interested buyers.

Getting Paid

After you sell an item on Mercari, your account will be credited with the proceeds once the buyer leaves feedback within 3 days. If they do not leave feedback you have to click to have the funds released within 1-2 days.

Once the funds are in your Mercari account you can withdraw it to your Bank Account. It takes 2-5 business days to show up, usually quicker.

Referring Friends

Mercari has an okay referral program. You will receive $2 for each friend you refer. The credit expires in 30 days so you have to spend it before then. If you can rack up enough credit you can get items for free, or at the very least its like receiving a discount.

Mercari App

You can not login to Mercari on their website, everything has to be done through their App. Mercari is available on IOS/Android.

Is Mercari Legit?

See what people are saying below in the Mercari reviews.

Mercari Reviews

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4 stars // 2 reviews

Easy way to sell
June 23, 2016 by Jimmy from Canada
I don't use it a lot for selling but their referral program is really good because you get 2 dollars per referral. The times that i did sell on it, it was very easy and straight forward.

Earned $160+ so far
December 31, 1969 by Doug from United States
I've been earning $20-30/mo from promoting Mercari through their refer a friend program where you get $2 per friend you invite and they get $2 to spend on Mercari.

It's not as great as some other Buy/Sell Apps like Poshmark. On Mercari your referral bonuses expire after 30 days so you have to remember to spend them. They have a large selection of items like eBay.

I've tried selling on Mercari but haven't sold anything yet. I've had better luck selling on Poshmark and eBay.

The one upside is the refer bonus you get is simply for a friend signing up and installing the App whether they use it or not.

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