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Nielsen Digital Voice is another offering from Nielsen which has been a trusted global leader in media measurement for over 90 years. They give out $10,000 in checks every month going to 400+ people, paying between $10 and $1,000. It's completely free to participate and you can win passively just by

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Cash via Check

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Redemption Info
Monthly Sweepstakes, $10,000 in Prizes
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By installing Nielsen Digital Voice you are entered in their monthly sweepstakes for $10k in prizes. You can gain additional entries to the Sweepstakes, they email additional entries to members randomly.

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Nielsen Digital Voice Reviews

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I actually won
October 8, 2016 by Don S. from United States
I've had this installed for several months without any problems. I won within 2 months of having it first installed, I randomly got a check in the mail from winning their sweepstakes. It was only the $10 prize (they give out 400 of those monthly I believe), but still, it was a free $10 so no complaints.

I'd love to win the $1,000 (they give out two of those monthly) so I am keeping it installed. I havent noticed any lag or slowdown from having their browser extension installed.

Also make sure to keep an eye on your email, I've gotten 1-4 free entries per month but you do have to click in the email to claim them.

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