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Second Life is a virtual world / game. You have to download their program to your computer. If you are good with photoshop, are the creative type, or business type, it is possible to make money and cashout to Paypal.

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Cash via Paypal

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Content Creation

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Second Life doesn't have an app, but you do have to download their program to enter the game-like virtual world.

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Second Life Reviews

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Second Life Pays to Play $1,600+
June 22, 2016 by Doug from United States
Second Life is pretty interesting being one of the only virtual worlds where you can earn currency (Linden Dollars), and then cash out to real money.

I've ran shops in Second Life, sold clothes, designed furniture, rented land, rented mall space, ran clubs, set up public parks, and pretty much tried every single type of business there is to try. There is money to be made in Second Life but you need to be creative, determined, or have some business acumen.

The learning curve for Second Life is fairly high. You have to get used to the way it operates, how the client/program works, how everything works InWorld.

If you have a lot of time or are familiar with games this might be worth a try.

I've had a lot of fun in Second Life and am looking forward to many more years to come.

Here's proof of them cashing out my account one month back when they still sent checks to top earning users.

May 11, 2019 by dunkova9 from Czech Republic

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