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Why you should join SwagBucks

SwagBucks is one of the oldest, most reputable survey sites. They've paid out over $100 million in user rewards! This is the best place to start for online surveys.

Rewards Offered
Cash via Paypal
Amazon Gift Card
Visa Rewards Card

Ways to Earn
Watch Videos

Redemption Info
1 SB = $0.01
$5 minimum cashout
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More Info on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most popular survey site around with millions of members and they have paid out over $100 million since they launched.

Earning Swagbucks

You can earn Swagbucks a lot of different ways. The most popular being:
-Cashback: Receive cashback for making purchases through Swagbucks. Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.
-Searches: Make searches through Swagbucks own Search and you can earn points daily.
-Swagbucks TV app: Earn SB via their mobile app that rewards you for watching videos, trailers, and ads.
-Surveys: Like most GPT/SurveySites, on Swagbucks you will find a lot surveys available to fill out for SB.
-Referring Friends: For each friend you refer to Swagbucks you will receive 10% of whatever they end up earning.

Redeeming SwagBucks

1 SwagBucks is worth around 1 cent
You can spend your SwagBucks on rewards starting at around $5.

SwagBucks App

SwagBucks has an Android and IOS App. You can earn points and redeem apps via the App. They also have partner apps you can download for more in-app earning.

Is SwagBucks Legit?

See what people are saying below in the SwagBucks reviews.

SwagBucks Reviews

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4.1 stars // 7 reviews

Best money making site ever
June 23, 2016 by Jonathen Brown from Canada
Where do i start, this website is the best site to make money not only do they have tons of surveys to do, cashback, and you can refer your friends they have a large selection of gift cards

Easy beermoney
June 23, 2016 by Stan from United States
A lot of ways to get rewards including SwagTV which is passive. Surveys are good but can be annoying since you get rejected a lot. One of the better GPT sites that don't ask for much information. However, the rewards can take a while to receive and there are faster ways to earn money. I cashed out about $100-200 over the course of 2-3 months.

Love it!
June 23, 2016 by omar najjar from United States
I personally love this site because it is a very easy way to earn real gift cards. I was a bit skeptical at first but they're legit and actually payout.

I love swagbucks!!
June 23, 2016 by Andrew from Canada
I made a lot of gift cards and other digital goodies with swagbucks! It works and I love getting free stuff!!

Used to be better, but still ok.
June 23, 2016 by Micah Focht from United States
I've been working with Swagbucks for several years. I've earned over $110 but I haven't done anything in a while. And there's a reason for that. The earnings in the past year or so have gone down, require more work, and are generally harder to do. In the past, I've clicked through three websites to get one swagbuck ($0.01.) However, the work today for the same swagbuck would be around 4 websites, and you would have to give feedback on them as well. This is still better than several other sites that I have tried. While Swagbucks' glory days are over, they aren't in the grave quite yet.

Swagbucks used to be so easy to get SB but now...
June 22, 2016 by Sarah from Canada
After the revamp where they multiplied the SB by 10, its so much harder to accumulate SB without actually spending time (hours) on the site trying to watch or do surveys. Even the birthday rewards are "swagups" instead of actually giving you SB. It's so hard to actually earn anything decent without putting in a lot of work. I personally would not recommend it unless you were desperate.

Great rewards
June 22, 2016 by John Cashiew from United States
Honestly easy to get rewards, and pretty fast. Surveys help a lot.

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